Zil Sesleri Indir Savage Love – Laxed – Siren Beat [bts Remix]


Türler : Korean

Savage Love - Laxed - Siren Beat [bts Remix] Şarkı Sözleri:

Savage love, did somebody, did somebody break your heart?
Lookin' like an angel, but your savage love
When you kiss me, I know you don't give two f*cks
But I still want that
Your savage love
Your savage la-la-love
Your savage la-la-love
You could use me 'cause I still want that

Sarangiran eojjeomyeon sunganui gamjeongui nayeol
Jogeoni dadeul butji nan mwol saranghaneunga
Yeongwoniraneun mareun eojjeomyeon moraeseong
Janjanhan pado ape himeopsi muneojyeo

Every night, every day
I'm swept away by the waves
Don't know what I'm thinking
(Can't get you outta my head)
Naega duryeoun ge geudaeideun geu ttaeideun
Bulgachi saranghallae geudael jigeum

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